How do we connect our Quality Framework prioritized needs with tools and resources?

The short answer is—you don’t. Well, you can, of course, but really it is TCSA that has promised to make sure that each Quality Framework indicator is matched with tools, resources, best and effective practices, and charter-customized products and services.

The TCSA Quality Framework Committee stated early on during the development of the Quality Framework that the process should not be just another evaluation without action. In keeping with this charge from the Committee, TCSA takes responsibility to make sure that once needs are identified at the individual school and statewide level through the Quality Framework, a tool or resource should be provided to help schools reach the level of effectiveness they desire.
The first step is to use Quality Framework data to identify the level of need. Does a particular school have a need? Or do most schools have a need? Quality Framework data and reports help TCSA answer those questions.

TCSA Uses Quality Framework Reports and Data to Learn More About the Levels of Support Needed

The reports and graphs in the Quality Framework provide both schools and TCSA with valuable information member needs and how to best provide high quality tools and resources for the purpose of increased quality and sustainable, continuous improvement.

Individual School Needs May Vary on Certain Indicators of the Quality Framework

Based on individual school need, TCSA may work with charter leadership to identify causes of the current level of effectiveness for each indicator, and then to seek and provide customized one-on-one support for the charter.

Statewide Needs Require a Statewide Response from TCSA

If many charters across the state assign a lower level of effectiveness to a particulat indicator, TCSA responds with a statewide or regional training or workshop. For example, in response to the statewide data below, TCSA has accepted and scheduled a session at the 2012 Texas Charter Schools Conference that will provide information about the importance of and how to develop and implement a board self-evaluation.

TCSA Uses Quality Framework Reports and Data to Seek and Provide High-Quality Tools, Resources, Products, and Services

Once needs are identified, TCSA staff members seek to provide individual or statewide support in a number of ways. Below is a summary of how TCSA may respond based on TCSA Quality Framework data:

Charter and Campus Needs Identified

TCSA’s Response to Member Needs

Individual Quality Framework school reports inform school and TCSA staff about what is needed at each individual charter and campus.
  • Indicator-matched self-serve tools and resources have been made available to school leaders in the Resources section of the TCSA Quality Framework online portal.
  • TCSA communicates with charter leaders regarding upcoming opportunities that match individual school Quality Framework-identified needs.


Feedback, individual school Quality Framework data, and report conversations may lead to related or additional priorities for each school. Some or all of the above and:

  • Customized, one-on-one discussions, and need-specific, tools, products, and services are provided to match school needs.


Aggregated Quality Framework data from all charters and campuses across the state inform TCSA where needs are common among all charters. Some or all of the above and:

  • Regional and statewide trainings and workshops are provided to match member needs.
  • New products and services are made available according to statewide needs.
  • Annual conference sessions are selected based on areas where needs are common among all charters.


Tools and Resources Are Available Online Now

Like the reports we discussed last week, Quality Framework Tools and Resources are available now via the Quality Framework online portal in addition to the products and services that TCSA has been providing for the past several years. TCSA staff is still currently working to make sure that there are tools or resources for each indicator, but new resources are added on a regular basis.

To see what is available now, charter school leaders can log in today to access or download tools and resources, including a few of last year’s conference session presentations, free documents and tools on everything from succession planning to student safety, and more information on the types of Quality Framework indicator-matched TCSA products and services that are available to meet charter school needs.

Screenshot and Examples of Resources Currently Available via the TCSA Quality Framework Resources Portal

To access these tools and resources and begin working with them immediately, email the Quality Framework team to request your Quality Framework username and password.

If you are new to TCSA and the Quality Framework and have not yet submitted a Self-Assessment, email the Quality Framework team for an introduction on how to get started.

Next week will begin discussing in more detail some of the upcoming 2012 Texas Charter Schools Conference sessions designed specifically to provide information, tools, and resources to match Quality Framework member-identified needs.

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