TCSA Quality Framework Member-Requested Sessions at the Texas Charter Schools Conference

As I mentioned last week, each conference session in every strand will be connected to at least one System of the Quality Framework. In addition, there are two Quality Framework-specific strands in the conference schedule: Best Practices and Continuous Improvement.

Quality Framework Best Practices Strand
As I wrote last week, all conference sessions will present best and effective practices, tools, resources, and strategies. But the Quality Framework Best Practices strand was developed directly from member requests or in response to Quality Framework Results and Comparative Reports data. This week, we continue to explore another of the Best Practices Strand sessions and how we came to identify the topic as a member-driven need based not only on data, but also on member feedback.

Listening to Member Feedback during Quality Framework Report Discussions
Last week, we featured a conference session that was selected in response to Quality Framework data. A great majority of charters in the state have noted that their boards do not conduct self-evaluations. We know this because the data shows that overwhelmingly—60 charters responded “Not Evident” for that indicator. The data demonstrates a clear need for a training or conference session in response to this indicator.

However, numerical data is only one source for providing training and selecting conference sessions. In the graph below, we see that 52 schools felt that that their Student Engagement Element levels are at “Early Effective” and “Effective” (40 “Effective”+ 12 “Early Effective” = 52).

Comparative Report and Results Distribution for Student Engagement Element

Though very few schools (5) have marked this element as “Not Evident”—in fact “Effective” is actually the response most often given—we know that research shows that student engagement is key to student success. Therefore, improving the level of effectiveness on this indicator will have a direct, positive impact for students and for the school.

Given the importance of this Element, we heard from our members that student engagement is an area in which they would like to learn more about and gain access to tools and strategies that will help improve student engagement. Based on that feedback, we have scheduled the following conference session around student engagement, presented by Dr. Nancy Grayson, Founder of Rapoport Academy in Waco, Texas.

Student Engagement: Have Every Student on the Edge of Their Seat!
Tuesday, December 4, 2012
10:15am – 11:30am, Room 9A

Do you and your teachers want all of your students completely interested in every single minute of class? Learn how to get to full student engagement in the classroom using easy, must-have formulas and techniques that you can take back to your school immediately.

Quality Framework Continuous Improvement Strand
For new charters, or those new to TCSA, the Quality and Continuous Improvement strand will provide introductions to the Quality Framework Self-Assessment, Reports, and Resources. This strand will even feature time and space for school leaders to complete and submit the Self-Assessment and access the Quality Framework Reports and Data Pack at the conference. We’ll talk more about each of the sessions in the Continuous Improvement strand in a few weeks, but below are a few sessions to consider putting on your schedules now to learn more about the Quality Framework include:

TCSA’s Student Growth Percentile (SGP) and Similar Students Measure (SSM)
Tuesday, December 3, 2012
1:00pm2:15pm, Room 9B

Are our students learning and growing academically? How does our campus growth compare to other campuses serving similar students? How do we know? Learn about TCSA’s SGP and SSM Quality Framework reports and how to use them to determine if your individual students are growing at below, average, or above average rates.

Getting Started: Quality Framework Introduction and Overview
Wednesday, December 4, 2012
1:15pm2:30pm, Room 9B
Learn about the history and development of the Quality Framework (QF) and how to use the QF tool. Attendees may request a username and password at this session.

TCSA Quality Framework Information Session
Wednesday, December 4, 2012

2:45pm – 3:30pm, Room 9B
Learn about the history and development of the Quality Framework (QF) and how to use the QF tool. Attendees will have ample opportunity to ask questions about the history, development, and recent updates to the Quality Framework.

To see more sessions in the Quality Framework Best Practices and Continuous Improvement strands, visit the Texas Charter Schools Conference schedule.

Register for the 2012 Texas Charter Schools Conference today. If you are new to TCSA and the Quality Framework and have not yet submitted a Self-Assessment, email the Quality Framework team for an introduction on how to get started.

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