Quality and Continuous Improvement: Bringing it All Together at the 2012 Texas Charter Schools Conference

Student success. Effective Texas public charter schools. Quality. Sustainability. Model practices. Continuous improvement. Each of these is what the Quality Framework and TCSA are all about. In fact, the mission of the Texas Charter Schools Association is to accelerate student achievement in Texas by empowering a diverse set of effective and quality-driven charter schools.

We do this by matching member needs to tools and resources through member feedback and aggregated, anonymous Quality Framework data. Of course we have products, services, and trainings available throughout the year, but the annual Texas Charter Schools Conference brings everything we do together in just a few days: targeted trainings for board members, business managers, and charter and campus administrators; Quality Framework informational sessions, Work Sessions, and best practices sessions; public information and advocacy-focused conference sessions and much, much more. Read more below to learn just a few highlights at this year’s conference.

Did you know that…

You can find the latest about everything you need to know about the Texas Charter Schools Conference online today?

The full conference schedule is available so that you can start planning your conference today? Download it now and get together with your teams to start planning.

There are 10 conference strands this year, including two Quality Framework strands and two Student Achievement Strands? Each of the 10 strands is focused around information that is important to you and every session is matched to a system of the Quality Framework. We have also arranged to have topic-related sessions in the same room so that you and your team can easily find session topics that are most important to you. These are the general topics under which conference sessions are organized and the rooms in which you can find them:

  • Advocacy and Communications – Room 4BC
  • Finance – Room 10A
  • Governance – Room 6A
  • Innovation – Room 6B
  • Leadership – Room 8AB
  • Quality Framework Best Practices – Room 9A
  • Quality Framework Continuous Improvement – Room 9B
  • School Law – Room 10B
  • Student Achievement – Room 4A
  • Student Achievement – Room 5A

You can also see an overview of the conference sessions online organized in the strands above, and see the conference-at-a-glance today, too? The At-a-Glance section online tells you more about what the days will look like at the conference next week.

You and your team can get either CPE credits or required training hours at every single conference session this year? Look for the circle symbols in the conference program to find out more.

You and your team can match your Quality Framework-identified needs to conference sessions? Look for the square symbols in the conference program to find out more.

If you don’t quite know what the Quality Framework is all about, there are sessions that will provide basic overviews about the development and implementation of the Quality Framework? You can attend either of the following sessions to learn more:

  • Getting Started: TCSA Quality Framework Introduction and Overview, Wed, 12/5, 1:15pm, Room 9B
  • TCSA Quality Framework Information Session, Wed, 12/5, 2:45pm, Room 9B

If you want to learn more about the latest updates in the Quality Framework Reports and Resources section of the portal and how schools use the data, you have many sessions to choose from? You can attend any or all of these sessions:

  • Using the Quality Framework Data at Your School, Tue, 12/4, 10:15am, Room 9B
  • TCSA’s Student Growth Percentile (SGP) and Similar Students Measure (SSM), Tue, 12/4, 1:00pm, Room 9B
  • Making Your Campus Improvement Plan Your Single Tool for SUCCESS, Wed, 12/5, 10:30am, Room 9B
  • TCSA Quality Framework Resources, Wed, 12/5, 2:45pm, Room 9A

There is now a new partnership designed to provide additional support and technical assistance for public charter schools in Texas? It’s called “the Network” and you can learn more about in this session:

  • CSTAN: Another Gateway to Charter School Excellence, Wed, 12/5, 1:15pm, Room 9B

Your charter school’s leadership team and staff can complete the Quality Framework Self-Assessment at the conference—to help plan your conference? There are 3 opportunities at the conference. Save time by signing-up today to get your user account ahead of time and be ready for one of the Quality Framework Work Sessions:

The Quality Initiatives team looked at all of the data that you and your charter colleagues provided in the Quality Framework to spot trends in member-identified needs to come up with the following high-demand sessions? We did. And here are those sessions:

  • Student Engagement: Have Every Student on the Edge of Their Seat, Tue, 12/4, 10:15am, Room 9A
  • Using Board Self-Evaluation to Assess and Improve Board Performance, Tue, 12/4, 1:00pm, Room 9A
  • Community Outreach and Strategic Partnerships (panel discussion), Tue, 12/4, 3:00pm, Room 9A
  • Road to College Graduation: A Multi-Year Process Supporting Students from Grade 6-16, Tue, 12/4, 4:30pm, Room 9A
  • The New! College & Career Resource Site, (Hint: FREE resource), Wed, 12/5, 8:30am, Room 9A
  • UPDATED SESSION! State Accountability Update (Come here the latest!), Wed, 12/5, 10:30am, Room 9A
  • Increase Student Enrollment (panel discussion), Wed, 12/5, 1:15pm, Room 9A

Many of the conference sessions presentations and other information provided by presenters will be uploaded to the Quality Framework resources portal in the weeks following the conference? Be sure that you have access to the Quality Framework, and click on “Request Account”.

There is so much more happening next week at the conference! Download the program and start planning today!

This is the last Quality Framework blog entry for this calendar year. We plan to be back next year. But the Quality Initiatives team is always available to help. If you have any questions about the Quality Framework and the upcoming sessions next week, please contact us. See you next week at the conference!


Telca Karen Porras

Quality Initiatives Senior Advisor

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