New Quality Framework Data Pack Reports Available Now!


Login now to see new Data Pack reports available for charters who have completed and submitted a Quality Framework Self-Assessment.

In addition to the enrollment, demographics, and attendance reports that have always been available, the Quality Framework Online Portal now includes:

Accountability Dashboard – The Accountability Dashboard is a snapshot of 5 years of historical state and federal accountability ratings, accreditation status, and PBMAS indicators.

State Testing Results – View, download, or take a screenshot of additional, customizable disaggregated student performance data. Several different configurations are available because you choose what you need. Easily switch views from “All Students” to any subpopulation to review and assess up to 6 years of longitudinal performance data.

Post-Secondary Readiness  - See up to 6 years of post-secondary readiness indicator data including SAT/ACT participation, completion rates, graduation rates, and dropout rates.

Login today to view your reports or to request your user account.


















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