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Join Us in Charting Success

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

The Texas Charter Schools Association (TSCA) is a statewide association of over 390 charter schools educating more than 80,000 students in every part of our great state. Our work is two-fold: we want Texas charter schools to be the best they can be for Texas students – academically and operationally.  And, we want to be their biggest advocates!

To accomplish these goals, we have developed a Quality Framework that guides our member schools to identify and prioritize key areas of improvement, and we have developed services to strengthen their operations. We also represent our member schools in the Texas legislature and raise statewide awareness of the benefits of public charter education in Texas.

So, why are we blogging?

Effectively promoting awareness requires a strategy that is unique to our membership and cognizant of the reality of today’s instant communication.  We believe it’s important to create a space where all charter supporters and advocates can engage in relevant dialogue, especially now that conversations about education are increasingly taking place on the internet.  Our blog, Charting Success, will be a place where we weigh in on current issues and share the incredible work that is being done on a daily basis by the committed administrators, teachers, and students that are part of the TCSA. Our major goals are the following:

-          Connection

Blogging will allow us to connect more personally and more often as fellow advocates.  We hope to build relationships across our member schools and with like-minded colleagues who are invested in this movement, and by deepening those relationships create a more unified education community in Texas.

-          Education

We believe in the positive impact that effective charter schools are having in our state and are committed to getting the word out about the great things that are happening daily.  Charting Success will create a place for readers to find the latest news and opinions on what is happening in the charter school community in Texas and to engage in dynamic discussion.

-          Action

We want you to be involved in and have a voice in the work that we are doing on behalf of students in Texas.  Whether that means reading our blog, writing for our blog, creating a discussion about a best practice in your district, volunteering at a school, hosting a grassroots advocacy session, or even suggesting our Facebook page to your friends, you have an important role to play in the dialogue we create here.

Thanks for visiting and for supporting the Texas Charter School Association and all of the schools we represent.  We welcome your feedback and comments, and hope to hear from you as we continue Charting Success!

David Dunn

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