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TCSA’s New Tech Partner

November 14, 2017

The Texas Charter Schools Association’s newest partner is Revive IT, a hardware, software and managed solutions provider specializing in affordable, streamlined IT solutions for schools using new or professionally refurbished equipment. Revive IT offers everything from consultation to equipment installation, and because their sister firm, ER2, has relationships with Fortune 1,000 companies for asset disposal, they can source high quality equipment easily for charter schools.

Revive IT services include:

  • Free consultation
  • 1 and 3 year warranties
  • Equipment installation
  • Hot Swap program
  • IT support
  • Cloud-based storage
  • IT asset disposition services
  • Custom imaging

Headquartered in Mesa, AZ,  Revive IT realized early on how their commitment to community would include public charter schools. Their business model to refurbish computer equipment for resale is a perfect fit for public charter schools balancing tight budgets with the need to educate and expose students to technology in the classroom. With the ability to provide both new and refurbished products, Revive IT is able to meet the needs of new and established charters. To date, Revive IT has partnered with nearly 50 schools and districts throughout the country. Many of these schools serve vulnerable communities, so the impact of these relationships goes far beyond technology.  

In particular, a partnership with New World Educational Center in Phoenix brought technology into their classrooms, and eventually Revive IT equipped them with a full computer lab using affordable enterprise-grade technology.

“Our school is considered a low socio-economic school; we have 80-85 percent that are at free or reduced lunch,” said Jesus Armenta, Principal at New World. “Many students don’t have access to a computer at home. I’ve always believed that kids - all kids, regardless of who they are - can learn. We see that big ripple effect - it’s affecting our future. Revive IT is making an impact more than they know.”

Understanding fiscal concerns, Revive IT offers creative solutions tailored to each school’s needs. “Our vision as a company is in part to be responsible to our community,” said CEO Chris Ko. “In these school partnerships, we are not only equipping them with technology, we are also equipping each student with critical tools to compete, succeed and thrive in their communities, and the workplace.”

If you are a new charter on a tight budget, or are a growing charter looking to scale, Revive IT can manage your school’s IT infrastructure affordably. Please contact Erin Tholen to discuss how Revive IT is the right solution for your school.

512-584-8272 | 3005 S Lamar Blvd, Suite D-447, Austin, TX, 78704