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About the Texas Public Charter Schools Association

The Texas Public Charter Schools Association (TPCSA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was created in 2008 to unify, support and grow the charter movement. TPCSA’s mission is to support and advocate for a policy and regulatory climate that ensures every student in Texas has access to ever-improving public school options.


Join the TPCSA team!

What we do:

TPCSA is committed to making sure every child in Texas has access to a high-quality public school that will set them on the path to future success. We tell the charter story and fight for fair policy and a political climate that allows charters to flourish. 

How we do it:

Our Core Values are listed below, and they are exhibited in all that we do:

  • Excellence – We go for gold. We surpass expectations and strive to deliver the best services.
  • Hustle – We jump hurdles. Whatever it is, we get it done by removing obstacles and being resourceful.
  • Drive – Our gas pedals are floored. We move full speed ahead.
  • Optimism – We move mountains. Our goals are lofty and we believe nothing is insurmountable.

TPCSA is a fully-remote work environment with a dedicated team of staff across the state. We place a heavy emphasis on teamwork, celebrating it weekly, and regularly encouraging cross-team collaboration. TPCSA is also Great Place to Work certified. To foster a sense of teamwork we:

  • Have a robust onboarding process that includes in-depth team meetings with every department in the organization, allowing new hires to get to know everyone on staff and understand the organization as a whole. 
  • Connect briefly as a team each morning for our Daily Huddle where all staff share a bit about their day.
  • Build connection time into staff meetings. Everyone has the opportunity to converse (one-on-one) with a different team member each meeting.
  • Provide resources for staff to schedule coffee/lunch together.
  • Schedule quarterly in person staff meetings and social events.
  • Create space for appreciation and recognition through our Weekly Sunshine emails, our bi-monthly Driven Dragon (similar to employee of the month), celebration of birthdays and work anniversaries, and other celebrations throughout the year.

All TPCSA staff receive: 

  • 100% paid medical insurance (base plan), disability and life insurance
  • Low-cost dental and vision insurance options 
  • Up to 5% 401k match
  • Optional Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Dependent Care Account (DCA)
  • Optional Pet Insurance 
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • ~15 Paid Vacation days annually
  • ~23 Paid Company Holidays 
  • 1 floating holiday to honor a date of significance
  • Summer Fridays (office closes at 1pm)
  • 4 week paid sabbatical after every 4 years of service
  • Hustle Bonuses for employees who go above and beyond 
  • Monthly mobile phone reimbursement 
  • Monthly co-working space reimbursement for those outside of Austin
  • Annual stipend (via reimbursement) that can be allocated for the following items: wellness, home office furniture, or personal development. 
  • Ongoing focus on wellness (ergonomics sessions, wellness tips) 
  • Participation in Go365 wellness & rewards program 
  • Hertz discount and access to low cost personal travel pricing through Navan
  • Optional personal finance consultation with a third-party partner 
  • Flexibility for medical and personal appointments during the business day to increase work-life balance
  • Designated blocks of quiet focus time with no scheduled meetings
  • Birthday & work anniversary recognition and gifts 

Job Opportunities

512-584-8272 | 3005 S Lamar Blvd, Suite D-447, Austin, TX, 78704