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HB 4545 Tracking/Reporting & Electronic Records

Date & Time: 12/2/2022 from 10-11 AM
Audience: Charter School Leaders, Teachers
Speakers: Brent Jameson and Christinn Jean
Register: Register for the live webinar here!
Description: During the webinar, we will showcase a new solution that will allow schools to track and report on the tutoring progress of their students for HB 4545. An easy-to-use solution that will allow Teachers and Tutors to update and track the time spent tutoring their students and allow the school district to report on each student by school year, grade, campus, and for the entire school district. Also, Superintendent Christinn Jean from Southwest Prep will discuss how they transformed their school to being a more paperless organization through creating electronic business records with approval processing and reporting for several of their departments. Join us for the live webinar to have all of your questions answered!


Including the Parent Voice in Education Policy

Date & Time: 12/14/2022 from 10-11 AM
Audience: Charter School Leaders
Speakers: Chase Eskelsen and Jordan McGrain
Description: Parents know their students better than any bureaucrat or politician ever will, therefore the parent should be the key decision maker in the educational journey for their children. The question then is, “How do we as educators and policy wonks ensure the parent voice is included in education legislation and in what formats do we engage parents?” Join this webinar to learn about key tips and strategies for engaging your community.

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