Events & Training

Upcoming September Webinars

Helping At-Risk Youth Earn College Degrees

Date & Time: 9/2/2021 from 9-10 am
Audience: School leaders, advisors/guidance counselors, social workers 
Description: TPCSA is pleased to host ScholarShot, an organization with a mission to help at-risk youth earn college degrees and not drop out of college. ScholarShot provides persistent hands-on academic guidance, personal counseling, and financial support to assure at-risk scholars earn their degrees.  ScholarShot works with schools free of charge - join us September 2nd to meet these fantastic folks and have your questions answered!


PEIMS, starting your story with “Why?”

Date & Time: 9/16/2021 from 9-10 am
Audience: Business managers, PEIMS specialists, administrators
Description: TPCSA is excited to host Dickson Educational Services again to talk to your staff about PEIMS. Start your year with a clear vision! The legal requirements behind PEIMS have caused many to fulfill the requirements without considering its purpose. This session is designed to look at what is required in PEIMS and how data is to be reported, even as new submissions have been added and LEAs have been required to submit data due to COVID. This session will help you shift the culture of gathering and reporting data by understanding the core purpose of “PEIMS” and the various PEIMS submissions and related data elements. We will discuss current policies and procedures, common pitfalls and best practices, and how to review TSDS Reports to ensure your charter’s story is being accurately told.