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Charter School FIRST: Overview and Compliance Strategies

Date & Time: 2/3/2022 from 9-10:30 am
Audience: CFOs, Business Managers, Superintendents
Speakers: Dr. Alan Seay and Gene Zhu
Description: TPCSA is pleased to be hosting Dr. Alan Seay and Gene Zhu for this updated overview of Charter School FIRST and strategy session. Hear from them firsthand what steps your school can take now to help forecast and improve your FIRST rating. Resources will be shared as well as time allotted for questions during this interactive webinar, which is free for TPCSA members.

Intersection of Trauma, Prolonged Stress, and Learning

Date & Time: 2/24/2022 from 3-4 pm
Audience: Teachers, Teacher Mentors, Instructional Leaders, Charter School Leaders
Speakers: Dr. Kathryn Kennedy from Wellness for Educators
Description: Mental health and wellbeing has become a vital focus area for educators to not only support their caregivers and students but also themselves. In this session, Kathryn of Wellness for Educators will pull from somatic psychology and neuroscience research to contextualize the intersection where learning meets trauma and prolonged stress and why it's critically important for educators to understand what happens at this convergence. It is vital for us as educators to work through and with our own trauma, secondary traumatic stress, and emotions so that we can heal and be there first for ourselves and then for our students and colleagues. Mind-body approaches to healing trauma, prolonged stress, and burnout will be shared as well.


Building Your Charter School Board

Date & Time: 3/10/2022 from 9-10 am
Audience: Board Members and Charter School Leaders
Speakers: Lyman Millard from the Bloomwell Group
Description: A high-functioning charter school board is invaluable to a high-quality school a. Too often, board members do not have a clear understanding of their role or how to build the capacities they need to best support the school's mission and leadership. Learn about the phases that most charter school boards go through, how to establish clear roles and responsibilities, and leading practices in building your board's strategic capacities. Join us live to have all your questions answered!