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Advocacy Leadership (ALI) Program

Advocacy Leadership (ALI) Program

Advocacy Leadership (ALI) Program

Advocacy Leadership (ALI) Program

Advocacy Leadership (ALI) Program

About The Program

The Advocacy Leadership Institute (ALI) is a year-long fellowship for educators from public charter schools. ALI gives teachers from across the state the opportunity to connect with policy and advocacy experts and elected officials in order to strengthen their individual leadership skills and to learn how to become effective advocates for students and families.

ALI fellows receive monthly training that prepares them to elevate their voices and make a lasting impact. They write op-eds, testify at legislative hearings, and share their stories directly with lawmakers. The fellowship also brings together a community of teacher advocates who support each other’s work and share strategies as they fight on behalf of great public schools for all Texas children.


2021-2022 Central Texas ALI Fellows

Deidre Steadman

Wayside Sci-Tech Middle School (Austin)

"It is important to me that I use my voice to advocate for public charter schools because I believe that in doing so I am also standing up for scholars. Scholars deserve the right to choose where they learn, the environment they grow in, and the quality of education that they receive."

Francesca Houk

Harmony School of Endeavor

"I believe it's important to advocate for charter schools because as every good educator knows, different students thrive in different environments. Helping students, families, and communities become aware of the opportunities afforded to them by charter schools is important so that every family can find the fight school that fits their child's needs."

Gavin Norman


"I advocate for public charter schools because some kids don't function as well in a traditional public school setting as they do in a charter school setting. Access to charter schools is the future of education."

Julio Calderon

Austin Achieve Elementary School

"To me it's really important to advocate for charter schools because our system is fighting toward equity. Minority communities need advocates to show them that they can achieve more than what society tells them they can."

Katelyn Damore

Austin Achieve Public School

"I advocate for public charter schools because I believe that with better education of the public on what charter schools are, parents will be able to make educated decisions on what is best for their child and set them up for success."

2021-2022 South-East Texas ALI Fellows

Alexis Rylander

Meyer Park Elementary

"It's important that I use my voice to advocate on behalf of public charter schools because a lot of people have been misinformed about charters and I would like to help them understand that charter schools are very important to the community."

Ashley Schilling

Odyssey Academy

"I advocate for public charter schools because I want people to know that genuine learning happens at charters. I think it's a common misconception that charter schools are not equal to traditional public schools or private schools and that's simply not true. I want families to know that charter schools are fun and provide an amazing education."

Cassaundra Robinson

The Rhoades School for Performing Arts

"I would like my voice to be heard on the importance of Charter Schools.  High-quality charter schools play an important role in public education, providing a diversity of educational methods and delivering excellent results for more than 300,000 kids in Texas, including some of the state's most disadvantaged pupils."

Latriea Williams

Bob Hope Middle School

"Advocating for charter schools is necessary because they do not receive as much funding as traditional ISD's. Children deserve the opportunity to choose the type of education that benefits them the most."

Jacob Jackson

IL Texas K-8

"Advocating for public charters schools are necessary because I believe all students deserve a great education. To make this happen, we need strong advocates. We need to make our voices heard. They need that support system. Creating school choice requires ongoing education of and support from those who are in a position to make change. We have to take a stand because charter schools have helped millions of students beat the odds to pursue college degrees and fulfilling careers and lives."

Lorelee Gonzalez

YES Prep

"I advocate for public charter schools because other educators believe that charter schools hinder traditional public schools from succeeding. Therefore, it is crucial for advocates to share the positive effects that charter schools have on students. Furthermore, advocates can change the public's perspective towards charter schools and move them to support legislation to fund the schools."

Melvin Ramirez Rodriguez

YES Prep Northwest Secondary

"Advocating for public charter schools is necessary because charters schools provide students the opportunity to receive a quality education as well as the option to attend a schools that puts them first and sees them as an individual."

2021-2022 North Texas ALI Fellows

Christie Forbes

Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy

"It's important to use my voice to advocate for public charter schools because I'm apart of one and I know about the services my school provides our scholars and our community. I want parents and scholars everywhere to have access to the services charter schools provide."

Jennifer Sargent

Winfree Academy Charter School

"I advocate for public charter schools because of the overwhelming amount of misinformation that is going around about charter schools. We need advocates to stand up and inform the public about the facts, the purpose, and the necessity for public charter schools in Texas."

Shuntay Hendrix

A.W. Brown Leadership Academy

"I think advocating for charter schools is necessary to ensure the appropriate information is being voiced, especially since word of mouth is such a powerful tool."

2021-2022 West Texas ALI Fellows

Alezzandra Diaz

El Paso Leadership Academy

"I advocate for public charter schools because there are often misconceptions that charter schools are only for "successful" students, but they are much more and provide assistance to students beyond the classroom."

James Ryan

Premier High School

"I advocate for charter schools because they are highly needed for kids like mine who have trouble with public schools and need educators who care about individual educational/emotional needs. Charter Schools are misunderstood and our communities need to see what we can offer."

Latoya Jackson

Rise Academy

"It's important to me to advocate for public charter schools because charter schools bridge the gap for students in low income areas to recieve an education with high academic standards. This leads to better outcomes of continued education after high school."

2021-2022 South Texas ALI Fellows

Lorena Ortiz

Essence Preparatory Public School

"It's important for me to use my voice to advocate for public charter schools because they offer advantages that make a huge difference in the lives of the students and families that they serve. Advantages like smaller class sizes, individualized learning, and an equitable environment have already proven to result in excellent student outcomes for so many underserved students."

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