Texas Public Charter Schools Celebrate Black History Month

At public charter schools across the state, Black leaders and educators are building something special. They go to extraordinary lengths nurturing the minds and spirits of students. They champion the needs of their communities. They create opportunities for every child to be successful in college, career, and life.

This Black History Month, we asked some of these leaders to share their personal motivation for serving families — along with just a few of the student success stories that are unfolding across Texas. You’ll hear from:

Public Charter Schools are Lifting Up Communities

There are 58,000 Black students and 4,400 Black educators at Texas public charter schools. Leaders such as Christopher, Stephanie, Onjaleke, and Llyas are ensuring they thrive — and the results are transforming communities and the state as a whole.

Charters employ 6 times as many Black educators as other public schools in the state — and this representation matters. Students feel more understood and can build deep relationships with the adults on campus. Public charter schools reinforce these bonds and build this trust by disciplining students, especially Black students, less often than other public schools. For example: Black students at charters are 3 to 4 times less likely than their ISD peers to receive an in-school suspension.

These strong school communities also lead to incredible academic achievement. Black students at public charter schools are meeting state standards at higher rates than their ISD peers in every tested subject, from biology (67% vs. 57%) to U.S. History (79% vs. 66%). Strikingly, they are 4 times as likely to take challenging Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses, which include college-level work. This kind of preparation makes a world of difference: 64% of Black students at charter schools enroll in college, compared to 51% at all other public schools.

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