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Celebrating our graduates

June 14, 2018

Graduation season for many of us at TCSA is a reminder of why we do what we do. The culminating experience of seeing the joy in the eyes of the people we serve -- school leaders, teachers, parents, and students --reenergizes us and invigorates us to continue to fight for the diverse sector of public charter schools in our great state of Texas.

Our work here is to break down the barriers our schools face on a daily basis so that they can guide their scholars through their educational journey to ultimately cross that stage and enter college or the workforce as successful citizens. These rooms were filled with a varied group of people that supported and fostered the growth and success of our youth.

This graduation season I had the honor of attending YES Prep’s Signing Day and Imagine International of North Texas’ commencement ceremony. I watched student after student cross the stage and name the school they chose for the next stage of their life and career. The pride and joy in the room was palpable and undeniable. These students were not just receiving a piece of paper, they were granted access to the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

The enthusiasm for education and the future I witnessed was echoed by their school peers and most importantly by parents.

My favorite part to it all was getting to meet the entire international baccalaureate administrative team and the incoming junior class at Imagine International. The team showed a true passion for their craft and the students continuously expressed their gratitude for the wonderful environment the school offered.  I hope we continue to be invited to these events and that schools continue to share their triumphs with us. I wish everyone a fun and safe summer and a successful freshman year.

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