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District and Board Goal Setting: New Requirements Under HB3

October 2, 2019

HB3 now requires schools to create three plans to target early childhood literacy proficiency, early childhood math proficiency and college, career, and military readiness.  All plans are required to include an annual review of the plans by the board at a public meeting, posting of the plans on the school’s website, specific, quantifiable, annual goals for five years at each campus, and at least one charter district-level employee to coordinate the implementation and submit the progress report to the board.  These plans must include specific and quantifiable goals that contain a baseline, a target, which students will be impacted, and a deadline. 

The early childhood plans have four separate requirements.  Those include annual goals for aggregate student growth on 3rd grade math and reading STAAR, annual targets for students in each group evaluated under closing the gaps domain, targeted professional development for classroom teachers in kindergarten through 3rd grade for campuses that the board identifies as not meeting the plan’s goals and that considers the unique needs of students in bilingual education or special language programs, and annual targets that may be set for students in bilingual or ESL programs.

The college, career, and military readiness plan has two unique requirements, including annual goals for aggregate student growth on CCMR readiness indicators evaluated under the student achievement domain and annual targets for students in each group evaluated under closing the gaps domain.

To assist schools in creating these plans, TEA has created a template which can be found on the TEA HB3 in 30 website.  The target completion date for these plans is by the end of 2019-2020.

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