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Foundation School Shares Success Helping Children With Autism

May 25, 2018

San Antonio's Foundation School for Autism continues to help children from Pre-K to first grade overcome autism, expanding its mission since it was created eight years ago.

Testifying before members of the Texas House of Representatives Committee on Education, Suzan Brown, Executive Director of Special Education, Dyslexia and Section 504 Services for Responsive Education Solutions, told committee members about the strategies used by the public charter school to assist its current roster of 39 students through early intervention.

In addition, the school also works with parents to use the latest technology to help their children communicate.

The program is successful enough that there are currently 62 students on a waiting list to attend Foundation School, Brown said. Brown's testimony was part of the committee's examination of public schools that are meeting the needs of, and improving student achievement for, children affected by autism, dysgraphia and dyslexia.

Brown said the school uses personalized learning plans for each student that are supported by the latest in scientific research about autism.

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