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Guest Blog: CSBOC Graduates Recognized

November 14, 2016

Last month, seven charter school business officers and superintendents were presented for graduation at the 2016 Texas Charter Schools Conference annual awards luncheon.

These graduates completed 60 hours of comprehensive coursework in the charter-specific areas of: Leadership, Charter, & Culture; Financial Management; Facilities & Operations Management; Grants Management; and Personnel Management.

They are now equipped to maximize their charter's funds in the complex charter school compliance arena and assist their student body by providing a well-funded, high-quality education.

Some of the best performing Texas charters contribute their success, in part, to their CSBOC graduates. These schools have chosen to invest in success by encouraging their business office staff to complete their Charter School Business Officer Certification (CSBOC).

The 2016 CBSOC graduates are:

• Martha Smith, Chief Business Officer, Beta Academy, Houston, TX
• Jordan Elliott, HR Services Director, Charter School Success
• Sigal Russo, Business Officer, Eleanor Kolitz Hebrew Language Academy, San Antonio, TX
• Carrie Tate, Superintendent, The Pro-Vision Academy, Houston, TX
• Samantha Williams, Business Officer, The Pro-Vision Academy, Houston, TX
• Sharon Cummings, Business Officer, Richard Milburn Academy Texas, McQueeney, TX
• Murtuza Babrawala, Business Officer, Ser Ninos Charter School, Houston, TX (not pictured)

Please join us in celebrating the hard work and accomplishments of the 2016 Texas Charter School Business Officer graduates!

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