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Guest Blog: Log In & Learn More

August 22, 2017

Over the past several weeks, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from parents across our state regarding the new State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Report Card.

The report card contrasts dramatically from what had been shared with parents in previous years. The revamped report presents information in a more colorful, understandable and parent-friendly way. Student information includes how a child performed on a specific STAAR assessment, how the student is progressing from the previous school year, and the level of reading difficulty a student can successfully accomplish.

Every parent needs to know how their child is doing in school, but they also want to be in position to provide greater support for their son or daughter. The STAAR Report Card goes beyond providing a student’s information from the previous school year. It also gives every parent access to resources that can help their child as they move from grade level to grade level.

Beyond the report card itself, I’m pleased to see parents taking the extra step to “Log In & Learn More” at a newly-revamped website ( With a student-specific access code (provided in the STAAR Report Card), parents see a variety of resources and assessment components, including STAAR assessment questions for grades 3 through 8 – along with their child’s answers.

The ability for each parent to view the actual STAAR questions posed to their child, along with the answers their child provided, gives greater insight into the expectations at every grade level. This website also makes available resources designed to help parents prepare their child as they progress from grade level to grade level. Resources include tools to support a child’s ability to read and write, as well as tips and questions to help prepare for parent-teacher conferences in the new school year.

I continue to encourage all parents to not only review their child’s STAAR Report Card, but also take that extra step to Log In & Learn More. The overall success of our Texas public education system can only be accomplished school by school, classroom by classroom and student by student. Parents play a huge role toward ensuring that success.

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