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Guidance for Charter Schools Serving Undocumented Students

February 14, 2017

The Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) received several inquiries pertaining to current immigration policy discussions and the impact it may have on students in public charter schools.  We understand there are concerns and questions from administrators, teachers, students, and families.

To help schools navigate this sensitive topic, TCSA Legal developed guidance in the form of a legal memorandum relating to undocumented students in public charter schools.

This memorandum covers the following areas:

School responsibilities

  • Enrollment and admissions
  • Requests for student information
  • Interacting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Assisting Students with knowing their rights, developing family plans, and student supervision.

Student Rights

  • Access to Public Charter Schools
  • Interacting with Immigration Officers

Additionally, there are a number of organizations who provide information, trainings, tools, and resources.

National Immigration Law Center

ACLU of Texas

Workers Defense Project

Equal Justice Center


Catholic Charities

American Gateways

We encourage each school to talk with legal counsel if they have specific concerns with students and families at their campuses. Direct your questions about this memorandum to Christine Nishimura, Director of Legal and Policy Services.

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