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Interim Executive Director

September 14, 2017

Earlier this summer, I announced that I would conclude my service as the Executive Director of TCSA. As part of our commitment to keep you informed on the transition of the association, I have an important update to share with you today.

Last week, TCSA’s Board of Directors unanimously voted in favor of appointing Chuck Cook, CEO of Responsive Education Solutions (ResponsiveEd), as the Interim Executive Director of TCSA while the Executive Search Committee continues their work to identify a permanent leader. I will complete my tenure in October and Chuck will assume the role of Interim Executive Director effective November 1, 2017, during which time Chuck will continue to serve as the CEO of ResponsiveEd, which he co-founded in 1998.

Chuck was one of the founding board members of TCSA and has been a part of the charter school movement in Texas for nearly 20 years. He is well-respected by the education community in general and the charter school community in particular, having been unanimously elected by his peers to receive the 2016 TCSA Leader of the Year award. I have every confidence in his ability to lead TCSA and its members during the interim period. In addition to serving as a charter operator, Chuck has strong working relationships with both the Texas Education Agency and members of the Texas Legislature.

Chuck is particularly suited to representing the diverse needs of TCSA’s member schools. ResponsiveEd is one of the largest charter school systems in the state, operating more than 70 rural and urban campuses across Texas. These campuses, which range in size from 15 to 1,000 students, implement several diverse academic models. As such, Chuck has a wealth of experience operating charters that focus on dropout recovery; college readiness; STEM; vocational training; classical education; and direct, mastery-based, virtual, and project-based instructional methodologies.

Please join me in thanking Chuck for accepting the call to serve TCSA as its Interim Executive Director. I am encouraged by the board’s decision and know that I will be leaving TCSA in very capable hands during the transition.

Thank you,


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