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New Early Childhood Data Reporting Requirements

November 20, 2019

The Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) is a new state reporting feature in the Texas Student Data System. Schools will report prekindergarten and kindergarten data (only if administering a commissioner-approved kindergarten assessment) at the district level. Under the new required data reporting, schools that provide Pre-K or kindergarten programs will need to report information about those programs starting this year.

All public schools, including open-enrollment charters, that administer a commissioner-approved kindergarten assessment are required to report data about school demographics, progress monitoring, and assessment data. If the school does not offer kindergarten, or does not administer a commissioner-approved assessment instrument, they are not required to report. Schools that use a non-approved kindergarten assessment should notify TEA of their choice and retain their data locally. 

All schools, including charter schools, that offer Pre-K programs are required to report data about those programs regardless of whether they administer an approved assessment. This data will include school demographics, teacher information, and other program information.

Kindergarten data is required by the end of January 2020, while Pre-K data is not required until June 2020. More information about the ECDS, including the specific required data elements and commissioner-approved assessments, can be found here.

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