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Northside ISD Spreads Falsehoods About Charters

November 22, 2019

Yesterday, we learned that Northside ISD has sent out a survey to parents that includes inaccurate and misleading information about public charter schools.

The survey asks questions about where parents plan to send their children to school. For any parent that indicates they are also considering a charter, they receive the questions below. 


This is not an objective survey—it is biased propaganda. The questions, as posed, are partial, manipulative and misleading, at best. Many of them are blatantly false. For example, Texas bans for-profit charters and charter schools are subject to higher accountability, not lower.

Of course, there is absolutely nothing in these questions that talks about student outcomes. We know that Texas public charter schools send more students to college and that 2/3 of the top-rated districts in the state are charters even though we only educate 6 percent of students. These are just two reasons why so many families are choosing public charter schools.

TCSA is responding quickly to set the record straight. Yesterday, we launched a social media campaign in San Antonio to debunk these myths and we are working on other ways to get the truth out over the coming days.

In addition to making you aware of this survey, we wanted to request two actions:

  1. Sign the petition to tell Northside ISD you support charter schools.
  1. Download and share our Truth About Texas Charters paper that addresses many of these myths. This page on our website also houses videos and shareable social media graphics to address the most common myths we hear. Feel free to share these!

We’re with you and we’ve got your back. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything more we can do to help.


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