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Organizational Check-Up: Are You There Yet?

June 1, 2017

It’s that time of year again – the time when we begin to reflect on *progress made and outcomes achieved to determine where our organizations are on the journey toward the vision.

When you look at the goals that you and the team previously crafted, are you on target? How is your school doing? Did you arrive at the planned for destination?

Did the children learn, thrive, and achieve outcomes? Did they catch a vision of who they can become and discover what they can achieve with their minds set to a task?

Is your team intact and still standing? Are they weary but sleeping well from a year of purposeful focus and successful results?

Did the gaps in process and practice get filled and the shaky ones refined to ensure better outcomes and smoother sailing for next year?

In the spring and summer of each year, many of our school leaders are wrestling with these same questions, and they’re utilizing the Quality Framework self-assessment tool and data pack in a comprehensive way to determine where the school is strong and thriving and where it has gaps that need attention.

What is the Quality Framework? And, the related Data Pack?

The Quality Framework self-evaluation is an online tool providing a comprehensive review of the academic, operational, and financial state of the organization. It shows trend-over-time data found within 10 systems and their related elements and indicators. The tool, reports, data, and resources are free to TCSA member schools and accessed via the member portal.

The Data Pack, used in conjunction with the self-evaluation, contains comparative, proprietary data including the Similar Students Measure (SSM) and the Student Growth Measure (SGP), as well as aggregated, longitudinal, state data including: enrollment and demographics, state testing and accountability, and comparative staff experience, turnover, and salaries data.

How are teams using these tools?

Leaders and their teams are using the self-evaluation tool and related data and reports in many ways, some of which include:

- As a team activity to create a shared vision and goals for the upcoming year and an ongoing conversation and culture of continuous improvement
- As a comprehensive needs analysis to inform their Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) and/or District Improvement Plan (DIP)
- To share highlights of performance or growth with funders
- To identify gaps in performance, knowledge, practice or process prior to pursuing an expansion
- To identify inconsistencies across multiple campuses or areas that need additional capacity or resources

If you are considering where to go from here and how to plan for better outcomes in the future, let TCSA help you move forward. We’re happy to help your team move from good to great -- or from great to sustainable and replicable! Contact Laura Kelly, Director of Quality Services, for additional information or support.

*To be clear, this is EOY progress. If this is the first time you’re reflecting on progress toward goal, then we need to talk. There are likely many alternate employment opportunities calling your name.

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