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Staples Keeps your School Healthy this Flu Season

November 28, 2018

The Protexus (PX200ES) Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer along with EarthSafe's PURTABS Disinfecting and Sanitizing Tablets enable touchless disinfection and sanitizing programs that allow each worker to cover up to 80% more surface area per minute than traditional programs using wipes, buckets, spray bottles, mops or rags. The 360° wrap around capability of an electrostatically sprayed disinfectant or sanitizer allows even the most untrained worker to deliver expert results. Simply point the sprayer, pull the trigger, and let the charged droplets seek out and wrap around up to 3X more surface area, eliminating many of the neglected and hard to reach areas typically missed in traditional programs. This amazing capability allows for programs that do more with their existing staff than ever before and finally shift the focus from Infection Control to true Infection Prevention.

Designed as a system for use with EarthSafe's line of PURTABS effervescent disinfection and sanitizing tablets, the PX200ES sprayer allows for simplified and standardized programs that eliminate cross contamination issues and empower staff to disinfect and sanitize more thoroughly, effectively, and affordably than ever before; for results that dramatically exceed those of today's cleaning and infection control programs.
  • Cordless electrostatic spraying technology enables 360 degree touchless disinfection and sanitizing using the PURTABS Effervescent Disinfection and Sanitizing Tablets.
  • Cordless electrostatic spraying enables the PURTABS Disinfecting and Sanitizing Solutions to reach up to 80% more surface touch points per hour than traditional sprayers, wipes, mops, or rags.
  • PURTABS can be diluted for up to 10 different uses included killing C Diff in 4 minutes, to NSF D2 Certified no rinse/no wipe food contact surface safe sanitizing.
  • Multipurpose disinfecting and sanitizing system with up to 10+ uses when used with PURTABS effervescent disinfecting and sanitizing tablets




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