While Texas continues to grapple with a shortage of certified teachers, TCSA Solution Provider Texas Teachers is providing numerous free services to assist schools with recruiting from the state’s largest teacher candidate pool.

David Cofer, Human Resources Director of Jubilee Academic Center, has worked closely with Texas Teachers to recruit numerous teachers for their campuses.“Without a doubt, [the Texas Teachers’ staff] are the most professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and responsive organization that I have encountered since being out of uniform.  I would highly encourage anyone thinking about becoming a teacher or hiring ACP teachers, to look at Texas Teachers as an option.” 

Texas Teachers Teacher Certification Program has partnered with Texas charter schools for over 10 years. With 50+ full-time office personnel and over 150 field supervisors across the state, we strive to offer a streamlined, affordable and highly supportive option for teacher certification.  

Take advantage of our free candidate lists, vacancy notifications, and teacher job fairs to find the right teachers for your classrooms.  Call our District Hotline,877-342-1202 , with certification questions, teacher status updates, and candidate list requests.

Your customized Texas Teachers’ candidate lists will contain only highly qualified candidates, most immediately eligible for hire. Our committed team sends lists within 24 hours of your request. As our certification program is self-paced with year round enrollment, our lists update daily with newly eligible candidates. Contact our District Hotline or email thelist@texasteachers.org any time you have a vacancy.

By campus request, we also notify our candidates of openings via blast emails. In addition to full time positions, we are happy to advertise substitute, paraprofessional, and networking opportunities. We will also post your hiring events on our website.

Texas Teachers also holds summer job fairs for our highly qualified candidates.  Free of charge for both schools and prospects, we encourage you to attend and network with hundreds of our eligible candidates. In recent years, candidate attendance has topped 650 for both our Houston and Dallas job fairs, and we may soon expand our job fairs into additional regions like Austin and San Antonio.

Texas Teachers is here to assist in staffing your vacancies throughout the year. With a multitude of options to connect you with quality candidates, we are committed to making the hiring process seamless for your schools. Contact Texas Teachers Teacher Certification, and take advantage of these free services.

One of the greatest aspects of working for TCSA is that I get to visit charter schools across the great state of Texas. I love touring schools, seeing children flourish and being inspired by passionate educational entrepreneurs. Last week, David Dunn and I spent three days in North Texas visiting  seven schools, each with something special to share.  From Dropout Recovery to an arts-focused curriculum to IB courses for students K-12, charters are truly offering a variety of high-quality educational choices to students in North Texas.

We were welcomed to Dallas with a tour of Winfree Academy, where we met soon-to-graduate seniors and learned of their plans for their futures, including the armed forces and photography.  Afterwards, we toured La Academia de Estrellas’s beautiful new facility on Keist Road.

In Fort Worth, we toured High Point Academy, a charter we worked closely with during their application and planning phase. Walking the grounds with Lori and Katie was so inspiring: to see their vision come to life was an affirmation that charter leaders have unwavering grit and make dreams come true for so many families (and educators!). Our next stop at Texas School of the Arts was just like stepping into a museum – but more fun! Children’s art is displayed around the campus, 3rd graders gave us chills during their choir class, and watching Kindergarteners work on their splits was simply adorable.

We sat down with Craig Sims, the Superintendent of Arlington Classics Academy to discuss the Performance Framework and learn about the good work the school is doing for nearly 1300 students in Arlington. At Universal Academy, we caught the end-of-day activities (including new bus transportation) and learned about their strong college prep curriculum and plans to expand throughout North and East Texas.

Our final stop was Imagine International in McKinney. Julia Brady, a founding member and now Assistant Superintendent, walked us through the campus and the IB curriculum. Imagine’s IB program spans from K-12 and they are getting ready to celebrate their first class of graduating seniors!

Thank you to all the leaders, students and faculty for hosting David and I last week. We came back to Austin more inspired than ever!

Monday, December 7th, the Senate Education Committee held an interim hearing to consider testimony on the implementation of SB 2 from the 83rd Legislative Session, the disposition of state property, and charter school facility funding. Interim hearings are held during a legislative interim for legislative committees to hear testimony on specific issues identified by either the Lieutenant Governor or Speaker of the House. There are no specific bills or proposals that are considered during this time; it is more of a research period for the legislative committees with the goal of the committee developing policy recommendations to take into the legislative session. 

Those present to testify at the hearing on behalf of the charter school movement included: TCSA’s Executive Director, David Dunn, Jennifer Goodman, Superintendent of Odyssey Academy, John Murphy, CFO for KIPP Houston, Kathleen Zimmerman, Executive Director of NYOS, and Kalese Whitehurst, Chief of Staff with Responsive Education Solutions. Russ Simnick with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools also attended to present testimony as to how other states fund charter school facilities. One of two topics that day, the charter school issues took longer than one may have guessed for an interim hearing – about five hours!  The length of time it took was a good sign as it showed that the members of the Senate Education Committee were actively engaged in our issues, listening to testimony and asking many insightful questions. 

Testimony during the hearing spoke to how SB 2 has fundamentally changed the way Texas approves, expands, and revokes charters. TCSA pointed out that we continue to strongly support SB 2, however while the state has moved to implement SB 2 in regards to revocations, the state has not moved with equal vigor to implement the other provisions in SB 2 which allow for the expedited expansion of effective existing charter schools as well as the ability to grant new charters to proven models. Effort needs to be made to speed the expansion of charter schools to meet the large student waiting lists. 

Those that testified to the disposition of state property issue all agreed that the issue is complex as there are several interests at play when a charter holder ceases to exist. All agreed that the critical issue must be studied carefully or else we jeopardize the ability of all charter schools to secure affordable financing for facilities. 

And speaking of financing facilities, the testimony addressed the fact that charter schools receive no state funding for facilities and state funds meant for instruction are diverted to facility needs. Last Legislative Session the Committee passed SB 1900 by Senator Donna Campbell, a bill that would have aided with charter school facility funding. Different policy options discussed during testimony included a per-pupil facilities allowance, charter school facility grant program, charter school facility loan program, access to existing state facilities programs, and access to local property tax dollars generated for facilities. Of course, some options would be more controversial than others, but that is what the legislative interim is for – for all stakeholders to come together to formulate solutions that most can agree to. 

The interim hearing was a window into the next legislative session. There will be much work to do and much ground to cover. We have strong support, but we also have the challenge of strong detractors. With everyone organized and speaking with one voice we will meet the challenge of passing sound and effective public policy that supports the charter school movement in Texas. TCSA looks forward to continuing to work with our membership, legislators, and other stakeholders to meet the needs of charter school students in Texas.