Three Good Reasons to make the switch to Digital On-Boarding for Student and HR enrollment

1. It’s less work and less expensive. 

Plain and simple, digital Student and HR onboarding is less work and saves money. With the right platform, charter schools can avoid the mountain of application and enrollment paperwork that kills productivity during the very time when it’s most stressful. Instead, those that go digital can distribute electronic forms so documents can be completed and signed electronically, which takes less time and effort for parents and school administrators.

When put into practice, this process makes organizations three times more likely to have a lower cost per enrollee as compared to a non-digital process solution.

Digital onboarding platforms allow organizations to save money on expensive paper applications and information packets. Easy integration with your organization’s software platforms (Student, payroll, HRIS, ERP, etc.) make opening day easier for your team.

2. It’s personal.

It’s rare that you see the phrases “go digital” and “it’s personal” in the same sentence, but digital onboarding frees up time for increased facetime, helping student and parent engagement.

3. It’s engaging.

Onboarding can be fun and engaging while still informative. By integrating videos highlighting your school mission and special programs in your digital onboarding strategy, you can excite your new parents and students about applying to your school. The more you do to make the process student-friendly and interactive, the more engaging it will become. And the more engaging your process is, the more likely you are to fill your available ADA slots with those students who are highly satisfied and motivated.

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Planning for Innovative Expansion: How we can help you grow

In general, schools are experiencing increasing student enrollment, and among the fastest growing sector are public charter schools. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), public charter school enrollments have gone up by 1.7 million in the past decade. The number of charter schools across the country has increased by 3,500. Overall trends indicate that enrollment size in charter schools has significantly grown from the school year 2003-04 to 2013-14. Specifically, the percentages of public schools that were charter schools with an enrollment size larger than 300 increased.

With this upsurge in enrollments, schools are looking everywhere for a solution to accommodate the urgent need for more classroom space. Often, the solution lies in temporary structures while full projects are completed. However, there are many options to consider when taking on a project like that and still providing a modern approach to classroom teaching and learning. Here is what you should keep in mind while strategically planning for a growing enrollment.

Are You On Top of Modern Advancements in Education?

Are You On Top of Modern Advancements in Education?

Technology has become a large part of education and is being incorporated in schools across the world. So much so that it is now almost impossible to teach a class without using an electronic device.

Bringing different types of technology into teaching environments not only makes learning more interesting, but it also provides stimulus to many senses at a time, resulting in a more lasting impact on the student. Technology allows for more interactive classroom sessions by spurring discussions and keeping the students engaged on all levels.

Furthermore, audio-visual teaching aids, innovative teaching techniques, and the use of apps in teaching caters to all the different types of learners you would find in a classroom; auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and audio-visual learners.

Schools are now recognizing a need to impart a more wholesome educational experience to students, and many are doing their best to make their classrooms technology-friendly.

How Mobile Modular Can Help with Space Issues and Technology

Mobile Modular offers a variety of classroom rental plans that can adapt to any budget and enrollment size. These plans are highly flexible and can be modified to fit your needs. Our modular classrooms can be installed quickly, are highly energy-efficient, are made with materials of the highest quality, and are surprisingly affordable.

Furthermore, since all our buildings are manufactured offsite, your school routines will remain uninterrupted for the entire duration of the installation. We pride ourselves in swift work and quick delivery to allow you to temporarily (or even permanently) address any space issues that you may find while planning to accommodate a larger student population.

At Mobile Modular, we can combine the issues of expanding your educational space as well as fulfill any ideas you would have to incorporate more technology into your teaching setting with our new FREE technology promotion.

We can provide private, charter and higher education schools the potential freedom to build their own innovative classrooms. With the rental of our portable classrooms options, we are offering a choice of free technology products that you can select to enhance your learning environment.

You can receive five percent of the total rental dollar amount (or up to $5 thousand) in the following products:
-Chromebook Charging Carts
-Cloud Consultations
-Document Cameras

We invest in your journey to providing the best possible education to your students, and we understand that this can only be done with top quality classrooms that have ample space, are well designed, and are equipped to handle the different variety of educational technologies.

Contact us for more information about our educational promotional offer, or get in touch with us to speak with our sales representatives. We are happy to walk you through the offer so you can make the best choice for your school.

By Luz Gonzalez, SchoolMint, TCSA Solution Provider

There’s no rest for student enrollment staff on public charter school campuses. But TCSA Solution Provider SchoolMint can take the guesswork out of strategizing for this next year’s student recruitment effort.

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SchoolMint works with charter districts across the country and in Texas, including Achievement First, KIPP, Nobel Network, Life School, Faith Family and Brooks Academy, by taking the enrollment process online and mobile.

Jenniann Colon, the director of communications for Brooks Academy will be sharing some of her school’s best-practices during the webinar. Brooks Academy utilizes SchoolMint to manage its lottery and waitlist and to communicate with parents through the enrollment process.

brooks academy logo

“Our operational processes have vastly improved now that we are using SchoolMint. SchoolMint has even helped with student recruitment by giving us insights into our enrollment data, which allows us to be proactive about our enrollment numbers. I can't imagine ever going back to doing things manually,” Colon said.

SchoolMint is proud to be partnered with these great public charter school organizations and looks forward to working with many more of you by empowering you with tools and information for continued success.

Join the free webinar and gain a valuable look into student enrollment best-practices by learning about what’s worked for other charter schools. Also, webinar attendees will be entered in a drawing to win a Google Chromecast!

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If you would like to learn more, please contact me at If you can't make the webinar, I can send you a recorrding of the webinar if you still register and send me an email. Also, if you have insights into what has or hasn't worked at your school, I would love to learn more about your unique experiences!

SchoolMint helps schools take their enrollment processes -- from student recruitment, applications, lottery, wait list and registration to payments -- online and on mobile. If you are interested in a demo, mention TXPartner to qualify for a 10 percent discount off your first year of SchoolMint!