Have you thought about the steps you’ll take between now and April to improve student performance? Specialized instruction and tutoring is a great way to give students the tools they’ll need to shine at the end of this school year.


Proximity Learning is one of TCSA’s newest Elite Providers offering a suite of online learning options, including affordable, convenient tutoring with certified instructors dedicated to specific subject areas.

“Our partnership with Proximity Learning allows us to expand and benefit Greenville Public Schools with a highly qualified team of experienced educators without any issues or impact to our system’s existing educational programs and current facility.”  – Dr. Leeson Taylor, Former Superintendents of Greenville Public School District, MS.


Proximity offers district-wide packages for one-on-one or group tutoring sessions in 30- or 60-minute increments. Tutors are available before, during and after school. If your district isn’t ready to commit to a package, families have the option of purchasing their own tutoring sessions in a variety of subject areas.

Contact Zach Harris or Erin Tholen to learn more about online learning options for your students.

In the fall 2017, the Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) began a partnership with Proximity Learning, LLC. to help our member charter schools find innovative staffing and curriculum solutions.

Proximity Learning, a Texas-based, fully accredited K-12 online education solution, offers schools more flexibility when it comes to course offerings, special education (SPED) services and staffing needs. Districts across the nation are using Proximity Learning to meet their needs through a variety of delivery methods. Spring Branch ISD and Garland ISD have both found success with Proximity Learning’s catalog of courses and virtual teachers.

Is your network growing?

Do you have a difficult time recruiting and retaining highly qualified staff for your students?

Are your families requesting more course offerings such as Mandarin, Latin or AP courses?


Proximity Learning may be the solution for you. TCSA is particularly excited about Proximity Learning’s synchronous (live) system for instruction: students receive instruction from live, highly-qualified and state certified teachers streamed straight into the classroom via a webcam. Teachers can be part-time or full-time, giving administrators the flexibility of choosing only the classes they need. Utilizing the live teacher option, Proximity Learning works one-on-one with each school to fully align with their bell schedule, parent teacher conferences, grading expectations and curriculum adoption – your normal operations won’t be interrupted. Additionally, Proximity Learning can take the curriculum from a district for any subject and develop and teach the course virtually using a state accredited instructor.

Is your SPED program understaffed? Proximity Learning can meet your SPED needs. We know that finding long-term SPED-certified staff is especially difficult. Proximity Learning’s full suite of special education services includes assessment, direct instruction, indirect instruction and administration to alleviate the burden on schools.

In addition to live instruction, Proximity Learning has a suite of self-paced online courses for 6th-12th grade students, including AP courses.

Proximity Learning’s suite of services includes:

  • Live Teachers (synchronous)
  • Online, self-paced course (asynchronous)
  • Live Tutors
  • Full course catalog for grades 6-12, including AP courses
  • Full suite of SPED Services, including assessment, instruction and administration

If you anticipate semester- or year-long teacher vacancies, want to expand course offerings or need to bulk up your SPED support, Proximity Learning should be considered as a viable and innovative solution for your school.

Contact Erin Tholen or Zach Harris to learn more.

An image of online teacher Julia Cooper is seen on monitors during virtual algebra course at Champ Cooper Junior High School in Ponchatoula, Louisiana September 8, 2010. Photo by Lee Celano

An image of online teacher Julia Cooper is seen on monitors during virtual algebra course at Champ Cooper Junior High School in Ponchatoula, Louisiana September 8, 2010. Photo by Lee Celano