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There are so many ways you can learn, grow and share at the Texas Charter Schools Conference -- it’s an event you won’t want to miss!

From Oct. 28-30, here are just a few highlights of what TCSACon offers:

1. Workshops with required training hours for superintendents, principals, business officers, board members and teachers.
2. Priceless networking opportunities with charter school leaders and educators, industry experts and solution providers.
3. Dozens of sessions on cutting-edge trends, best-practices, challenges and solutions in public education, as well as in-depth advocacy and Texas Legislature insights for charter schools.
4. Energizing and encouraging keynote and spotlight guest speakers.
5. Three days of fun at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa!
We hope you will register or reserve your spot today.

By: Martha Fernandez, TCSA Director of Advocacy

Martha Fernandez, TCSA Director of Advocacy

Martha Fernandez, TCSA Director of Advocacy

The beginning of the school year is a busy time for families, educators and students. There are supplies to purchase, lessons to plan and a new routine to learn. But don't let that excitement and stress distract you from an important piece of being in the public charter school movement: ADVOCACY!

Public charter schools have changed the lives of thousands of students and families in Texas since 1995 thanks to dedicated educators and families. But the work is far from over and your voice is needed to continue to grow effective schools and support student achievement.

Here are three easy steps to add advocacy to your school year:

1. Invite local and state elected officials to tour your campus or attend a school event, such as a fall carnival or student performance.

2. Visit your lawmaker's office with parents, students and teachers and tell them about your school.

3. Sign up to join the Texas Charter Revolution and learn all about the issues facing public charter school students!

Our students are being shortchanged about $1,000 just because they attend a public charter school. We have 18 months to show our lawmakers how important public charter schools are to Texas families.

Let's start advocating NOW and erase that funding gap!