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The First Week of School at Wells Branch Leadership Academy

September 8, 2016

It finally happened. Our little boy started what he refers to as “Big Boy School.” As parents, his dad and I were anxious, nervous, and scared. This would be the beginning of a new chapter for all three of us. As his dad and I have attended a school tour, orientation, and everything else that a new school offers to incoming students, we were still unsettled. Of course, the entire staff are the most caring people we could ever wish for. But it wasn’t until the first day of school when his dad and I sat with him as he ate breakfast in the cafeteria that we realized, he will be just fine. Seeing his face light up as we walked through the doors on the first day was all that we needed! He went straight to his classroom and gave his teacher the biggest hug. The first week of school was a success. 

Being an employee of Texas Charter Schools Association and being the parent of a child that attends a charter school allows me the opportunity to see charter schools from all points of view. The journey, so far, has been amazing and we look forward to what the future holds!

Geanene Trahan – Proud Mom of a Charter School Student and employee of Texas Charter Schools Association

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