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May 10, 2017

We are approaching the finish line for the 85th Legislative Session with only days left for our senators and representatives to pass important legislation impacting the state of Texas.

As you all know, the key priority for the Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) is centered on providing public charter schools with facilities funding to help accommodate exponential enrollment growth and the number of students on a waiting list.

Thanks to your efforts including telephone calls, about 15,000 emails, and in-person visits from public charter school advocates this legislative session, we have made it further in the legislative process than ever before.

For the first time, a public charter school facilities funding bill has passed one chamber of the Texas Legislature, the Senate, and is now in the House. SB 457 provides $50 million for charter school facilities funding and an equal amount to property poor school districts. The potential impact of this critical funding would mean additional classroom space for students on a waiting list, computer labs, libraries, or an increase in teacher salaries.

However, this is by no means a “done deal.” In fact, there is still work to complete and the time to act is now!

Together, we must contact our state representatives in the House to ensure a facilities funding bill gets to the Governor's desk. It is critical that you email your state representative right now to let them know public charter school children are not worth less than their peers at other public schools. Ask them to support SB 457!

Public charter schools are an integral part of the state’s public education system, held to strict accountability academic and financial standards. However, charter schools are the only public schools that do not receive any direct assistance for facilities funding. It's time to stop short- changing public charter school students!

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