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October 19, 2017

The Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) is proud to represent more than 270,000 students enrolled at 675 public charter school campuses across the state. With an additional 141,000 students on a waiting list, there is much work ahead to ensure that public charter schools have the necessary resources to provide a quality public education to students.

TCSA achieved unprecedented success during the 85th Legislative Session and the Special Legislative Session with the historic passage of HB 21, which provides $60 million in facilities funding to students at public charter schools for the first time in state history.

Additionally, TCSA spent countless hours working with the Texas Legislature on the passage of SB 1480 to increase the capacity of the Permanent School Bond Guarantee Program by $3 billion, saving public charter schools nearly $40 million annually and meeting the need for more classroom seats.

Through TCSA’s significant efforts and technical drafting assistance, HB 2442, known as the “minutes bill,” passed to protect the funding of 110 charter campuses serving 21,000 students.

While these are significant gains, our work is not done. We must persist in our efforts to fully close the funding gap for students attending a public charter school. Every child deserves to attend the public school that best meets their needs and should not be penalized with fewer funds for selecting a public charter school! TCSA continues to diligently work on behalf of public charter schools with the Texas Legislature, Texas Education Agency and State Board of Education.

In addition to representing charter schools on these fronts, TCSA provides the following with an active TCSA Membership:

• Discounted legal products including model board policies, Student Code of Conduct, and a Personnel Handbook
• Access to the Learning Zone, TCSA's robust online training portal, and discounted registration rates for the Texas Charter Schools Conference
• Legal information and advice, as well as updates and alerts on specific matters pertaining to charter schools
• Tools to engage parents on advocacy efforts with the Texas Legislature
• Access to a growing market of solution providers and strategically-aligned partnerships with negotiated pricing and contract terms
• Resources and advice for navigating TEA requirements for your school’s growth and expansion
• Representation in the rulemaking process with TEA to protect the interest of public charter schools

Every charter school has a different mission for its students, but we must all come together to accomplish our common goals. Whether it's finding and retaining qualified staff, meeting state accountability measures, or advancing our legislative priorities, our message is stronger as one unified voice.

Please, take this time to renew or begin a membership with TCSA. Add your voice to the conversation and ensure the charter movement continues to grow and succeed.

How to Join or Renew:

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Step 2: Complete the 2018 Online Membership Application.
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Step 3: Remit your Membership Dues to:
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If you have questions, please contact Nadia Luna.

Thank you for your continued support of public charter schools in the great state of Texas.

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