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2018 TCSA Leadership Election Results

October 31, 2018

With the our annual Texas Charter Schools Conference, TCSA Membership Drive, and our 2018 Leadership Election wrapping up, it has been a busy few months at TCSA! We appreciate everyone’s time and participation in the elections. We would also like to thank the all of candidates for their involvement. Congratulations to the seven new individuals who will join the TCSA Board of Directors and Advocacy Committee!

Mark Larson with KIPP Public Schools will join the TCSA Board as a Large Standing Member School Director. Charter operators who educate 20,000 or more students in Texas are entitled to a standing seat on the TCSA Board. A Small Standing Member School seat was created in conjunction with the KIPP Public Schools Large Standing School seat and was included in the 2018 TCSA Leadership Election.

2018 Election Winners:

 Board Member – Small School Representatives (2) and Standing Member School Small (1)

  • John Armbrust, Austin Achieve (Standing Member School Small)
  • Rick Baumgartner, Rise Academy (Small School Representative)
  • Stacy Alton, Leadership Prep School (Small School Representative)

Elected Advocacy Committee – Large School Representative

  • Karalei Nunn, Meridian World School 

Elected Advocacy Committee – Small School Representative

  • Frederick Clarke, Manara Academy

Elected Advocacy Committee – RTC/JDC Representative

  • Donald L. Mills, Ed. D., Meadowland Charter District

Both John Armbrust and Rick Baumgartner are returning Board Members. We welcome our newly elected Board of Directors! Their terms will begin on January 1, 2019.


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