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Guest Blog: JR3

May 31, 2017

Three Good Reasons to make the switch to Digital On-Boarding for Student and HR enrollment

1. It’s less work and less expensive. 

Plain and simple, digital Student and HR onboarding is less work and saves money. With the right platform, charter schools can avoid the mountain of application and enrollment paperwork that kills productivity during the very time when it’s most stressful. Instead, those that go digital can distribute electronic forms so documents can be completed and signed electronically, which takes less time and effort for parents and school administrators.

When put into practice, this process makes organizations three times more likely to have a lower cost per enrollee as compared to a non-digital process solution.

Digital onboarding platforms allow organizations to save money on expensive paper applications and information packets. Easy integration with your organization’s software platforms (Student, payroll, HRIS, ERP, etc.) make opening day easier for your team.

2. It’s personal.

It’s rare that you see the phrases “go digital” and “it’s personal” in the same sentence, but digital onboarding frees up time for increased facetime, helping student and parent engagement.

3. It’s engaging.

Onboarding can be fun and engaging while still informative. By integrating videos highlighting your school mission and special programs in your digital onboarding strategy, you can excite your new parents and students about applying to your school. The more you do to make the process student-friendly and interactive, the more engaging it will become. And the more engaging your process is, the more likely you are to fill your available ADA slots with those students who are highly satisfied and motivated.

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