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Reason #10 for a TCSA Membership: Free Legal Assistance

December 14, 2017

Do not forget your free legal assistance from the dynamic duo of Texas Charters Schools Association’s (TCSA) Legal Team: Lindsey Gordon, General Counsel and Christine Nishimura, Deputy General Counsel. As members of TCSA, each school’s administration, board of directors, and human resource specialists have access to free legal assistance on all your pressing questions. TCSA Legal is here to assist you through the ever-changing state and federal charter school laws.

In addition to legal assistance, TCSA Legal provides a voice for member schools by submitting comments to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and School Board of Education (SBOE) as it relates to regulations impacting charter schools.  TCSA Legal also works closely with TCSA Advocacy to review, draft and analyze legislation that strengthens the Texas charter movement and supports TCSA Legislative priorities, such as achieving facilities funding this past legislative session.

TCSA Legal is here to assist schools and to ensure they are always in compliance. Member schools also receive discounted prices on Model Policy Subscriptions, the Model Personnel Handbook, and the Model Student Code of Conduct that reflect the current state and federal requirements.

Renew your membership today to ensure you continue to receive free legal assistance from TCSA!

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