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TCSA Update on the 86th Legislative Session

April 17, 2019

With only a little over a month left in the 86th Texas Legislative session, the Texas Charter Schools Association has been spending many days at the Capitol and many hours engaging with our charter school advocates. Last week was charter day in the House Public Education Committee. The committee heard over 20 bills directly related to public charter schools. Over 60 members of the charter school community came out to testify and show their support. This week was charter day in the Senate Education Committee.  Five bills were heard in the Senate Committee and many members of the charter community came to show their support and testify.

As session continues, TCSA will be at the front lines supporting and defending charter schools, but we cannot do it alone. Over the past two weeks, 2,700 charter school advocates sent over 37,000 emails to lawmakers asking for their support of public charter schools. We are grateful to everyone who has taken action and hope you will continue to advocate for Texas public charter schools with us!

As we continue to move forward this legislative session, it is important for everyone to get involved. Please contact your lawmaker and let them know you support public charter schools, or share your charter school story with them. TCSA will keep you posted throughout this year’s legislative session and let you know when critical charter school votes are happening and when it is time to act.  Join the fight here or text COUNTMEIN to 52886.

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