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The Importance of Leadership at TCSA

November 5, 2015

Congratulations to our newly elected TCSA leadership team!

Board Members

  • Yasmin Bhatia, Uplift Education
  • Benjamin Recy Dunn, YES Prep
  • Mike Feinberg, KIPP, Inc.
  • Alfredo Segura, New Frontiers Charter

Member Council Vice-Chair

  • Chuck Cook, Responsive Education Solutions

Elected Advocacy Committee

  • Samuel Goessling, IDEA
  • Amanda Thomas List, Responsive Education
  • Korey Mack, Uplift
  • John Armbrust, Austin Achieve
  • Alexis Neumann, Rapoport Academy
  • Len Stevens, Manara Academy
  • Jacqueline Piar-Thomas, Trinity Charter School
  • Matt Abbott, Wayside Schools
  • Cosme Barcelo, Student Alternatives
  • Frances Teran, Pegasus
  • William Clark, Stepping Stones Charter School

The TCSA’s Board of Directors is responsible for governing the affairs of the Association. The Board, further, plays a significant role in ensuring that the organization is continually working towards meetings its vision, goals, and mission – to improve student achievement in Texas by advocating for and strengthening a diverse set of high quality charter schools.

The success of a business or organization, such as TCSA, is largely influenced by the strength and support of its leadership. Over the last 7 years, our Association has continued to thrive under the guidance of board members and council chairs who have volunteered to commit their time and efforts to lead the Association and pledged to provide its charter member schools with the support, information and services they need to better serve Texas students. Our Board members actively advocate for charters on behalf of the Association and its members to Texas legislators, the Texas Education Agency, the State Board of Education, and in our local communities.

Needless to say, these leadership roles are valued and needed. Elected leadership seats and terms are staggered and the Regular Election is held annually at the Texas Charter Schools Conference. Although, these most recently elected leadership members will begin their terms January 1, we encourage member charter leaders to consider nominating themselves for leadership positions in the future.

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