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Charters Earn Top Accountability Distinctions

August 14, 2015

Highlights from the 2015 TEA Accountability Ratings

Of the 153 Texas campuses that earned all seven distinctions in the 2015 accountability ratings, 25 were open-enrollment public charter schools. Distinctions are awarded to campuses based on their achievement compared to similar campuses.

"Earning any type of distinction under the state accountability system is commendable and should be a source of pride," said Commissioner of Education Michael Williams in a TEA statement. "Achieving all seven distinctions reflects extraordinary work taking place on a campus while affirming a strong commitment to students."

TCSA is proud of the accomplishments of all the schools who met standard in the 2015 accountability ratings and recognizes the hard work of students, teachers, parents and family members and administrators throughout the year.

It's not easy to do so much with about $1,000 less per student funding than traditional public schools, but Texas charters continue to amaze and impress. Imagine what would happen with equitable funding.

The charter schools that achieved all seven distinctions were:

  • Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (Fort Worth)
  • Harmony School of Advancement (Houston)
  • Harmony School of Discovery (Houston)
  • Harmony School of Science (Sugarland)
  • Harmony Science Academy (Katy)
  • Harmony Science Academy (El Paso)
  • Harmony School of Innovation (Carrollton)
  • Harmony Science Academy (Euless)
  • Harmony School of Innovation (Fort Worth)
  • Harmony Science Academy (North Austin)
  • IDEA Quest College Preparatory (Edinburg)
  • IDEA Frontier College Preparatory (Brownsville)
  • IDEA McAllen College Preparatory (McAllen)
  • IDEA Brownsville College Preparatory (Brownsville)
  • IDEA Carver College Preparatory (San Antonio)
  • KIPP Austin Collegiate (Austin)
  • KIPP Austin Academy of Arts and Letters (Austin)
  • Meridian World School (Round Rock)
  • NYOS Charter School (Austin)
  • Uplift Education Hampton Preparatory High School (Dallas)
  • Uplift Education North Hills Preparatory High School (Irvine)
  • Uplift Williams Preparatory High School (Dallas)
  • Uplift Education Summit International Preparatory Middle Campus (Arlington)
  • Vanguard Academy (Pharr)
  • Westlake Academy Charter School (Tarrant County)

There was also a postsecondary distinction for 24 school districts based on graduation rates and college and career readiness factors. Of those, five districts were open-enrollment public charter schools.

Those districts to earn a postsecondary distinction were:

  • Harmony School of Excellence (Houston)
  • KIPP Austin Public Schools (Austin)
  • School of Science and Technology (Leon Valley)
  • Uplift Education North Hills Preparatory (Irving)
  • Vanguard Academy (Pharr)
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