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Guest Blog: $$ billions available! Deadline is fast approaching!

March 30, 2017

$3.9 billion, to be more precise. Annually, the E-Rate program awards up to that amount to support Internet Access and other broadband service costs at schools and libraries in the United States. It also funds WiFi, which includes many related components such as internal cabling and network electronics that distribute Internet access throughout your school facility. Your school likely already pays for these costs anyway, and both you and your school likely already pay into this funding program in telecommunications Universal Service surcharges. Why not make use of these funds as they were intended?

The first mandatory deadline for the 2017-2018 funding year is April 13, 2017, and requires the filing of FCC Form 470 with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), which administers the fund nationally. The Form 470 kicks-off a required competitive bidding process, which must be carried out for a minimum of 28 days. After the 28-day period, schools may submit funding requests to the program. However, waiting until the last minute to get started has a high failure rate. If you are reading this a week or two before April 13, 2017, you have just the right amount of time to be successful in obtaining program funds….but just barely. Missing this deadline means waiting until next year to apply.

Too much on your plate? Confused about the steps? We can help. E-Stream Technologies works solely with charter schools, and has a strong track record of securing E-Rate funds for schools. Contact us at, or call at 1-888-776-5269.

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