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What will be … will be? New 2016 Accountability Deadlines-Workshop to Help!!!

July 21, 2016

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has modified the timeline for Accountability releases as listed below.

Please add the new dates to your calendar.

• Friday, August 12, 2016: The 2016 accountability ratings are released to districts and campuses through the TEA Secure Environment (TEASE) website.
• Monday, August 15, 2016: Accountability ratings are released to the public on the TEA website.
• August 12–September 30, 2016: 2016 appeals application is available to districts through TEASE.
• By Friday, August 26, 2016: Accountability data tables are released through TEASE and to the public on the TEA website.
• By Friday, September 16, 2016: System safeguards, distinction designations, and accountability summaries are released to districts through TEASE and to the public on the TEA website.
• Friday, September 30, 2016: 2016 Appeals Deadline.

Que sera, sera?

You will have to wait more time to see your accountability results… unless you join us for the Accountability Ratings Prediction Workshop in San Antonio!

Digging into your data in the workshop will give you additional time to prepare before the ratings are released to the public. We are here to help you. Join us on  July 28th and 29th in San Antonio.

Register for the Predicting Accountability Ratings Workshop today!

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